Angel of the World

Annually, we announce auditions for all women wishing to participate in our Angel of the World fashion event. We seek to attract modern women who exude intelligence and kindness, as well as possessing the self-confidence and drive to succeed. Each participant submits photos and personal stories together with a description of her proposed project and the positive impact it would have. Qualifying projects can address a range of needs, from developing a sustainable business plan to produce handcrafted baby blankets for a local community to addressing a food crisis in a developing country. The organizing committee will select the 25 finalists who will get the opportunity to present their ideas to the world.  The finalists will work with the best designers, image consultants and stylists so that they look and feel their best when they present their ideas.

In addition to receiving from the gala proceeds, the winning proposal will be featured on our official website and benefit from our online fundraising tool and advertising activities – this way she will be able to get the budget to bring her winning project to life.


The Angel of the World Gala is a celebration of style, elegance, creativity, confidence and art! Come to support –these 25 dreamers who are committed to making the world a better place!


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