Julia Gubanova - co-owner and chairwoman of Shape your Future Association. Master of Arts Degree from Odessa National University. Master of Integrative Medicine, Psychophysical Sciences and a Causative Specialist.

“During my life I have learned that there is nobody better to change the world for you than yourself. However, sometimes you require the generous support of others to start the journey to achieving your goals.  Personally, I have received a great deal of support from wise and caring people and my hope is that the programs offered by the Shape Your Future Association and the Angel of the World Gala, will provide the foundation for other women to do the same.”

Leila Al-Mosavi - co-owner of Shape Your Future Association. Holds Master of Arts Degree with major in English Language and Literature from Crimean State University. Leila has 15 years of experience teaching English to post-secondary students,

2 years of business coaching experience at a big telecommunication company and over 6 years of experience working as a Project Manager at a translation agency in Vancouver.

"I am a happy woman, wife and mother. I know what it takes to start all over in a new country as an immigrant, and everything I have today I have gained myself. I know the meaning of support and belief. My numerous interests and passions always keep me busy and don’t let me stop dreaming. We are blessed to be living in such country as Canada which indeed offers endless possibilities to everyone who is prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. Modern women are smart, strong, highly motivated and success-oriented, and every woman should be given the support she needs to believe in herself!”


Daniel Ogrokhyna - co-owner of Shape Your Future Association. Graduate of Odessa Performing Art School, Master of Integrative Medicine and Causative Specialist. Lecture on topic of “Confident Speech”, “Applied Aspects of Etiquette”.

Young director and script writer.

“As the youngest member of our board in the Shape Your Future Association my contribution revolves around ensuring that the perspective of young women is considered in our program offerings. I recognize that the future is affected by an infinite number of small decisions made by each of us, and sometimes even a small positive influence can make a dramatic improvement in what that future looks like!"



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