Our training by certified ICTA trainer and Enneagram Master Lara Gordienko

was full of great personal discoveries for each guest!

Dear Ladies we thank to those of you who joined us today at our Enneagram Algorithm training by Larisa Gordienko!
You've been such an awesome and engaged audience! You've asked so many valuable

question and brought up your personal prospect and experience!

You've generated a lot of warm feelings to the atmosphere and our team's and lector's hearts with your sincere attention and active curiosity!
Work of SYFF stands for: discussing, evaluating, doubting and getting to know something new in order to let all women Shape their Future in a best way, for them and for the whole World!
Big gratitude from SYFF to Lara Gordienko for giving us today a lot of new knowledge and leading us to development and growth.
And of cause thanks to our great sponsor U-Fashion and all other donators who made this event possible.

Our Queen without a doubt event have successfully opened our Year of 2019!

We are glad to thank all of you who joined us at our opening coaching session!
We were happy to share all information we find important with all of you! Most valuable for us are your experience, feedback and wish to come and find support at our next lectures, master classes and workshops!

Thank to all Dear coaches including mua specialist Chenoor Al, Master of Integrative medicine Julia Gubanova and Daniel Ohrokhina. We pass our thankfulness and highest feedback to our special guest – Tetyana Golota - director of community outride at SheTalks, Mrs. British Columbia and
Ms. Canada Universal for fulfilling our session with her heartiness and knowledge!

We express gratitude to U-fashion boutique for being our sponsor and supporter of our guests!

Please come and join us for our future events! It is you who make our Work Meaningful!


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Queen Without a Doubt.